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Related post: Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 15:06:40 EDT From: PTKSaol.com Subject: Relieving Tension With KerrRelieving Tension With Kerr By: PTKS (PTKSaol.com)Relieving Tension with KerrDISCLAIMER: This story is entirely fictional, and is not intended to imply anything about real people. It must not be confused with the real life of Kerr Smith.(c) 2001, PTKS-------------------David entered the bar and sat down. He'd had a hard day at the office, and he just wanted to relax with a drink. He called the bartender over and ordered a beer. That was when he nude teens underage noticed him. There, sitting at a table in the corner of the room, was Kerr Smith. David has fantasised about this guy for many years, and it was easy to see why. He had a firm body, underaged teen nude with flawless pecs, underage incest fucking arms that you would give anything to be wrapped up in and striking blue eyes that contrasted perfectly with his dark hair. David just underage sites free sat there with his mouth open, drooling, his cock hardening in his pants. After about 30 seconds he realised that he was probably looking a little conspicuous and tried to shift his focus away from the stud. But it was too hard; he kept finding his eyes drawn back to him.Meanwhile, Kerr had noticed the guy checking him out, but pretended he hadn't. He was used to it. He played a gay character, Jack McPhee, on "Dawson's Creek," and had lost count of the number of guys who seemed to get him confused with Jack. He secretly didn't mind it, private movies underage because he was gay in real life too. But no one could find this out, it would likely ruin his career, and anyway his private life remained private. While he enjoyed pussy underage the attention he got from his male fans, he had never actually done anything with any of them. It was far too risky; it would likely be headline news the next morning. No, he stuck to other gay actors underage teens gallerie who were also in the closet. But the guy checking him out at the moment was easily the hottest guy who he had seen fawning over him in a long time. He hadn't had sex in over a week, and the idea of fooling around with this guy was really appealing. Kerr felt his dick hardening as he thought about it, and found himself returning the guy's stares. No. He couldn't do anything with this guy, he just couldn't. But he wanted to, he really wanted to.David was flushing a shade of red now. Kerr was definitely checking him out too. He'd seen the signs enough to identify them without mistake. He was also very hot. He had tanned skin, very handsome features, hypnotic green naked underaged girl eyes and a toned body. underage girls homemovies Like Kerr, he hadn't had any in a week or so. His work prevented him from having a lot of dad underage fuck the fun that he desired, and he was feeling very horny underage first gallery right now.Kerr had decided to throw caution to the wind. His hormones had taken over. He was going to fuck this guy. He had to have him. underage porn kimberly He stared David right fingering underage in the eyes, before motioning towards the door. David nodded once mclt underage to show he understood. Kerr got up and left the bar, then began walking down the street slowly. It wasn't long before he sensed that David was following him. He continued walking to his car, which was parked just down the road. He intended to take this stud home and have some fun with him.David was following Kerr, not believing his luck. He knew what this was leading to, and he could barely wait. He walked slowly, trying to hide the fact that he was following Kerr. He knew he had to be discreet.Before long, Kerr crossed the street and headed towards a red sports car. He opened it up, got in and slammed the door shut. It had tinted windows and from outside, you couldn't see the interior. David made his way over to the car, opened up the passenger door and climbed in. He looked at Kerr, who stared at him with a deep lust before leaning over and kissing underage sisters fucking him hungrily. David was so shocked, he initially closed his mouth, but soon realised what Kerr wanted and began to return the kiss, their tongues wrestling. Both men's cocks began to underage panty pic grow rapidly as they continued kissing one another, releasing their pent up lust. David's hand instinctively reached down towards Kerr's crotch and he began rubbing Kerr's erection through his jeans. Kerr broke the kiss to let out a moan, but then batted David's hand away. "Not here," Kerr free underage incest said, "Let's go to my place." underage incest dvds "Fine by me," David replied, hoping that the journey wouldn't be a long one.Thankfully, it wasn't. Both men remained reasonably quiet during the drive, just making small talk. Kerr found out David's name and what he did for work. Kerr explained that mexican underage models he was on a break from shooting "Dawson's Creek." After about ten minutes, they pulled up into the driveway of a large house. nuder underage girls Kerr got out, followed closely by David. Both men couldn't wait to get inside, their cocks were rigid just thinking about what they were going to do.As soon as they entered the house, David jumped Kerr, resuming the passionate kiss that they had started back in the car. The kiss was filled with hunger, as underage sexstory both men began to release their sexual frustration. Kerr backed David into the nearest wall, not breaking the kiss, where his hands began to unbutton David's shirt.He then moved down and began to kiss David's neck, causing underage slut galleries the other underage virgin sex man to moan. As soon as he had got the shirt off, underage webcam models Kerr started work on his nipples, tenderly biting them. This caused David to writhe against the wall. He reached down to run his fingers through Kerr's hair, began to moan, and forced his nipples hard into Kerr's mouth, trying to increase the sensation. Kerr continued nibbling, licking and sucking them, and while doing this, he began to unbutton underage bbs black David's pants. As soon as they were undone, Kerr pulled them down underage smooth and moved underage defloration pics his attention to the crotch area. He could see David's cock tenting his CK's, straining hard to get out.Kerr couldn't wait any longer and ripped off naked underage beauty the underage nipple pictures boxers, underage tpg tossing them and David's pants panties girls underage away. David's cock sprang forward. It was about six inches long, underage cp website cut, and very thick. Pre-cum was oozing from the head, dribbling down the length of the shaft and down David's large balls. Kerr began at the head, licking off the pre-cum, then following its trail all the way down David's underage petite girls cock, before reaching his balls. Kerr then took each ball into his mouth, or as much as he could, before returning to David's rod. He put the head into his mouth, swirling his tongue around and sucking hard, before going taking the entire length into his mouth and down his throat.David moaned with pure pleasure. Kerr was such a good cocksucker, it felt so good having his dick all the way in the other underage thailand sluts man's mouth. Instinctively he began to pull out slightly sex underage fotos before ramming it home again. He looked down into Kerr's face, to see those blue eyes, staring back up at him. He smiled down before resuming his thrusts in and out. Kerr animated underage porn was enjoying every minute of this. He loved David's dick, and really enjoyed having his face pounded in this way. He increased his suction, turning his mouth into a human vacuum underage girls fingering cleaner. He then forced David against the wall, so that he could control the speed of the sucking. He slowed right down and concentrated on licking the head, causing David's moans to increase in volume."I'm gonna cum," David panted.Kerr increased the speed of his sucking on hearing this. He sucked as fast and hard as his could, going up underage boy photo and down on David's throbbing cock, while massaging his balls, determined to bring him over the edge. "Oh fuck," David shouted, as he began to underage lesbian pix shoot his load into underaged thai Kerr's willing mouth. Kerr swallowed the first few wads of cum greedily, but David hadn't cum in quite a while and continued to unload his balls. It was too much for Kerr, and some of it escaped his mouth, dribbling down his chin.David then pulled out of kidz underage pedo Kerr's mouth, spreading his cock over the cum that Kerr hadn't quite managed to swallow. As soon as his dick was coated, he pressed it back underaged and sexy into Kerr's thai underage mouth, where he licked it clean. He then pulled Kerr back up to him and kissed him deeply, enjoying the taste of his own cum on Kerr's breath.Unsurprisingly, Kerr was harder than a rock now. David could sense it, and he wanted to please this guy more than ever. Kerr was still fully clothed, but it wasn't long before David was ripping his shirt off, revealing his toned chest. David had always admired Kerr's pecs and arms, and just seeing them was enough to make his cock grow again. Kerr's nipples were hard, and David couldn't resist moving down and sucking them. Kerr groaned but pulled away. David looked up, puzzled."Let's take this to my room," he almost whispered. David nnude underage forum just nodded. Kerr led the way upstairs, discarding his shirt at the bottom. As they climbed, David started stroking Kerr's ass through his jeans. Kerr looked back and smiled.They soon reached Kerr's room, and no sooner were they in; David underage gallery free spun Kerr round, undid his jeans underage teen ******** and pulled them down. He wanted Kerr's cock, and he wanted it now. Kerr wasn't wearing any underwear, so when David looked back up, the sight of Kerr's hard seven-inch, cut dick greeted him. It was a wonderful sight and David wasted no underage nudists free time getting it underage pussy websites into his mouth. It tasted so tiny underaged good, and David had wanted to do this for such a long time. He began to suck underage kiddy pedo Kerr's cock like there was no tomorrow, forcing the entire length deep inside his throat, before bringing the head back into his mouth and attacking it with his tongue. Kerr was moaning and panting. This guy really knew how to suck dick. He would have face-fucked him, but underaged teens video there was no point. David was sucking him faster than he could fuck. Besides, his knees were feeling weak. He started walking backwards towards the bed. He feared he might collapse if he couldn't sit down. Even though Kerr was moving, David just crawled on his knees, moving at the same speed illegle underage porn as Kerr. There was no way this dick was leaving his mouth.As soon as Kerr felt the back of his feet hit the bed, he fell back onto it. David was soon on the bed too, kneeling either side of Kerr's legs, continuing underage teen picture his rapid sucking. Sweat poured from both rape underage movies men. David's hands began to roam up to Kerr's pecs, and he massaged them, paying particular attention to the nipples. Kerr lay back and moaned at the attention his body was receiving. underage illegal gallerie His cock was in heaven as it received the best blowjob mom misdemeanor underage he had ever had, and the combined stimulation on his nipples was pushing underage fucking movies him close to the edge."I'm gonna shoot," underage mgp Kerr groaned, as the sensations in his cock reached breaking point. He was moaning so nonude pedo underage loud now, the whole street could hear. But he didn't care. He drove his fists into the bed and began to shoot his load into David's mouth.David happily swallowed all of Kerr's load. As Kerr's underaged mpegs orgasm continued, his cock kept pumping out jism, but David didn't spill a single drop. Kerr's cum tasted so good and he wasn't going to waste any of it. David kept sucking until Kerr's dick started to go soft. Then he climbed on top mom underage boy of Kerr and began kissing him.Kerr felt underage hardcore sites David's erection pressing into him. David has been extremely turned on by sucking Kerr that he was now harder than before. Kerr wrapped his strong arms around David as they continued kissing, enjoying the sensation underage nude paysite of naked underaged amateur galleries flesh on naked flesh. underage fuking Kerr could still feel David's burning rod against his stomach. It required attention.Kerr broke the kiss and looked underage teenz pic deeply into David's eyes. "Fuck me," Kerr said quietly. David's eyes opened wide. He had not expected this. He was so taken aback, he didn't move. pedo underage nudism He just lay there, as if he was frozen in time."Please," Kerr continued, "I want you inside me." He reached over to his bedside cabinet underage adult comics and removed a tube of KY from the drawer. He handed it to David.David didn't need to be told again. He lifted Kerr's legs and rested them on his shoulders. beastiality underage teen He squeezed some KY onto his hand and reached down to spread it into Kerr's hole. Kerr gasped as David inserted a cool KY-covered finger inside of him. David withdrew, added more KY, and resumed the fucking, this time with two fingers. Kerr moaned and his cock began to harden again. He didn't get fucked that often, but he really wanted David right now. He had given Kerr the best underage japan pics blowjob he'd probably ever had, sex underage galleries he deserved to be rewarded. He began forcing his ass back onto David's fingers, wanting them to go deeper. David inserted a third finger, and began rubbing it against Kerr's prostate gland. Kerr rose off the bed with a cry, his cock now fully hard, elite underage cp dribbling a small trail of pre-cum on his stomach.David smiled at this reaction, and looked up at Kerr. He began massaging Kerr's nipples with his other hand, as he increased the speed ygold underage pedo of his finger-fucking. Kerr's head was laid back against the pillow with his eyes closed. He was focusing on the feeling in his ass. It was incredible. He had been finger-fucked before, but it had never felt like this. Even though he had only cum a short time ago, his cock was rock solid again.David's cock models underage xxx was harder, however. Kerr was totally relaxed now, and ready to be fucked. He coated his cock with KY, and removed his fingers from Kerr's ass. underage girl tpg Kerr underage teen anal knew what was coming now, as he felt the head of David's dick against his hole. Kerr opened his eyes and looked directly into David's, silently willing the underage jpg sites other man to fuck him.David didn't waste another moment. He pushed the head of his cock into Kerr's tight hole and waited. Kerr gasped slightly, but soon relaxed. He nodded, and David slowly continued to push his cock into Kerr until the films nudity underage entire length was buried.David let out a deep guttural underage dildo moan. Kerr's ass was so tight. And so hot. He began to free thai underage slowly pull underage piss out until just the head of his dick was still inside, then underage nudist pictures he rammed it back in. He did this several times before he picked up his pace best hardcore underage and began nn photography underaged fucking Kerr quickly. He plunged his cock in and out, his balls slapping against Kerr's ass. Both men were sweating and moaning. Kerr felt so full. All the initial pain had now vanished and he was really enjoying the sensation of having his ass full with cock. They fucked for several minutes, when Kerr forced his ass back deliberately out of underage stripping sync with David's thrusts, he wanted to be fucked hard and deep.David could only oblige. freeunderagepussy He was now pounding Kerr's ass with all his might. They were both moaning loudly pedofilia underage now, both underage kids model very close to orgasm even though Kerr's cock wasn't being touched. David adjusted the angle of his cock slightly and began to rub against Kerr's prostate. Kerr yelled out at the sensation. It sexy underage pornstars felt so fucking good. David kept up the pace in this new position. He was so anime underage close now.Kerr was now swearing at the sensation of underage girl cuming David's thrusts. He was also stroking his own nipples. It was underage models foto all too much for him, he cried out as his cock exploded. The first shot of cum hit his chin, the second hit his upper chest and the next two splattered ls underage teen against his stomach.Kerr's orgasm had tightened his asshole even more and that was enough to take David over the edge. He underage nn 15 plunged home one last time, moaning as his dick shot wad after wad of hot cum deep inside Kerr's hole.David elite underage tgp pulled out, and collapsed onto Kerr's chest, exhausted. They wrapped their arms around each other, not caring about the mess of Kerr's cum between them. David was tired, but had enough energy to lick the cum from Kerr's chin and the rest of his chest.David's cum began to ooze out of Kerr's nude underage actresses hole, and both Kerr underage illegal nude and David reached down underage blonde shower to get some on their fingers, smiling as they licked it off slowly.When they were both clean, they held one another in their arms and kissed, before falling into a restful passwords xxx underage sleep.-------------------This is my first attempt at erotic fiction, and underage virgins nude I would appreciate your comments.Send any feedback to: PTKSaol.com
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